Larry Hosken: New: Link: Jet Lamp video/talk about Text Adventure Games

Yesterday after work I went out to see a movie, sort of. And I recommend you go see it, depending on where you are.

The movie is "Get Lamp", and I haven't actually seen the whole thing yet. It's a documentary about text adventure games: Zork, Adventure, that kind of thing. It's about people who play[ed] the games, people who wrote the games. There's a 1.5 hour movie, and the DVDs come with a couple more hours' worth of material if you want to dig further into various subjects. It's mostly interviews, which is neat. Didn't you always want a sense of Steve Meretzky's personality? Now you can get one.

Right now the film's creator is touring the USA, showing part of this movie and talking about it. He's a pretty good speaker, so the Q&A is fun. He's announced showings coming up in LA, Denver, Houston, Pittsburgh, Boston, NYC, Maryland, and other places, and he's been adding more places. You might want to find out if he's coming to your town. (If he's not coming to your town, you can still watch the movie.)

Last night's show was in an interesting spot called Noisebridge. It's a hackerspace. A bunch of folks chip in on rent on the space. There are a bunch of workbenches for building stuff. There's one area that's an electronics lab; another area had drills and saws and stuff for making physical things. There was a sewing machine, and lots of parts. So if you're one of those "maker" folks and want to hang out with like-minded folks, it looks like an interesting group to check out.

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