Larry Hosken: New: Two more Snippets of Online Answer-System Hindsight

I wrote that answer system for the 2-Tone Game, modified it for Ghost Patrol Bang, and hope to work on similar systems for future hunts. Jotting a couple of notes here on things I wish I'd done differently:

It would be nice to log when a team "scores". Right now, the system knows that the player guessed, say, "RESPONSE". But it doesn't log the fact that the player "scored" by doing that. I.e., we don't note down that this was the answer to the example puzzle and that the team hadn't already solved the example puzzle.

It would have been nice to log each player's User Agent; i.e., the player's browser version and phone model. I've eschewed using fancy javascript because I wanted to support old JS-less phone browsers. But how many of those old phones are still out there? When planning the next game's software, it would be handy to know what kinds of phones users used for this game.

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