Larry Hosken: New: San Francisco Restaurant Recommendations

This morning, instead of doing what I meant to do, I bumped into Google Hotpot and rated a bunch of places (mostly restaurants in San Francisco). It's a "social" service, so in theory I can share recommendations with friends. But since (a) I used my gmail account and (b) I don't actually use my gmail account for mailing friends... uhm, yeah. I don't know what of y'all are using Hotpot.

If you want to share recommendations, I am . I dare you to Hotpot-"friend" me.

Mind you, some of my ratings might not be so helpful. E.g., do you really want that steakhouse's rating to be based on the quality of their token vegetarian dish? Was it sensible to rate all nail salons as "dislike" because nail salons smell bad and I don't get manicures anyhow? And to rate all Domino's Pizzas even lower than that because it tastes about like nail polish remo... Uhm, yeah. Anyhow. So I guess it might make sense to "friend" a few people so that the personal quirks average out.

Tags: i miss ringo/homr social networks
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