: New: Non-San Franciscans: You Too Can Play the 2-Tone Game

If you're not in SF and still want to play the 2-Tone Game: go ahead. If you're trying to solve a puzzle and you think "this is gonna be impossible because I'm not physically there", then use the answer-checking form and enter the word


The game will give you further instructions—maybe point you at some photos I took of the relevant location, something like that.

Fair warning: This hasn't been playtested through. At various times, players have used the site photos, if they, say, mailed me because they didn't want to go out in the rain. But these have all been SF-area teams that used photos for just one puzzle. No-one's tried to go all the way through. I'm not sure it'll even be that much fun. When I'm standing at some spot and someone hands me a puzzle that uses data from that spot, I'm usually pretty dazzled and happy. When I'm at home and reading about some puzzle that uses data from some physical spot... I'm usually not dazzled. I usually think "I guess that's kinda neat". Maybe that's why the couple of times I did try to recruit playtesters for this "home version" of the game, not much happened. "I'm not sure if this will be fun" isn't exactly a strong sell. But hey, if you like puzzly-hunt-thingies, give it a whirl.

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