: New: Book Report: Zero History

It's another William Gibson novel. This one seemed merely good, not transcendentally wonderful like Spook Country. But good is still pretty darned good. It explores the relationship between the military and branding. Maybe military organizations were the first brands. Maybe they can attract more recruits if they have cool-looking uniforms. And thus they might want coolhunters, fashion experts, and get tangled in fashion world corporate espionage. So that was kind of neat. I suspect that there was more going on here that I just didn't pick up on—a residence club called "Cabinet" that was very decorated. Is that a reference to something? I wasn't sure why it was there. But maybe somebody really liked it, recognized it... and that person probably wonders why I got so happy about the Sinclairs in Pattern Recognition. A false note: a character who knows about the world of martial arts surprised at the name "Gracie".

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