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I'm back on my feet after being down sick a couple of days. The internet is a wonderful thing. It delivers a substantial fraction of all human knowledge when you want it. It also delivers intellectual treacle and pablum when you don't feel like thinking so hard. Though beware of not thinking so hard; it can get you in trouble.

I read The Haçienda: How Not to Run a Club because Jamie Zawinski liked it (and he hates nearly everything). It's about running a nightclub. It's about being a musician who signs contracts trustingly, not realizing that he's sending most of the income from bands you've heard of (Joy Division, New Order) into running a money-hemorrhaging nightclub. The Haçienda was a nightclub in Manchester. When it started out, it was slow. Then for a while, it was the most happening place in Manchester; it helped steer the course of dance music for a while. Then it was taken over by gangsters.

Some interesting things along the way:

It's the story of a cultural institution. It's a cautionary tale. It wasn't much like the stuff I usually read, and more the power to it.

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