: New: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, even the Art World

There's this comic book artist, Jason Shiga. He makes these comic books that are puzzles; choose-your-own-adventure books that play with the flow of pages and frames within a comic book. You might recall that I told you to check out his book Meanwhile. Even his non choose-your-own-adventure books have a puzzle-y vibe; his Bookhunter is a sort of antiquarian bibliophile CSI retro locked-room mystery featuring library police with detail-y logical inspired... Yeah.

Seriously, puzzle freaks: read these books.

Tonight he and this cartoonist/illustrator dude Aaron Renier gave a talk at the Cartoon Art Museum. I went, and I went with a mission: I was gonna tell Jason Shiga about the Bay Area Night Game. Because I think he'd be a natural. And tonight, as he was giving his talk, he showed some of his prototype choose-your-own-adventure books. Some of these, it would probably be impossible to manufacture many of them. But I'm sitting there thinking mmmmaybe it would be possible to make a few dozen copies for local puzzle freaks as part of some event.

My point? Oh, right. I told Jason Shiga about the Bay Area Night Game. Maybe nothing will come of it. But man, if he does something with our puzzle-freak community... Consequences will never be the same.

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