: New: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, even San Francisco

I saw an interesting flyer on 9th Avenue today. I haven't done much with it, so it might not turn out to be as interesting as I hope it is. And I early on encountered an instruction which prevents me from telling you a logical next step to take from that flyer. But if your ears perked up when you noticed me making a blog post whose title started "Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere" and you're in the SF area, you might want to check out my photos of that flyer. Or you could visit the unfiction forums.

[Update: after playing through one episode and peeking ahead at the next, I guess that this activity is more "following directions" than "solving puzzles", albeit with some cute spot-the-environmental-data. If you're in it for the puzzles, you might not like it. But if you like to scurry around and follow a little story of conspiracies and think that Markov Chaney and Julia Assange are funny names for NPCs, it's OK.]

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