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New York City was a lot of fun! It's great to be back home, though. I still need to re-adjust, though. Like, in New York, it's crowded, so the rules are different. People will just stop walking in the middle of the sidewalk, but if you walk at them aggressively, they'll get out of your way. Without thinking about it, I did my New York walk as I got off the streetcar from the airport—but the guy didn't get out of my way. It was San Francisco; the rules are different. Anyhow, the guy eventually got his white cane deployed and was able to get himself oriented pretty soon after that, so no permanent damage done. But I didn't set out to write a trip report now. After all, I'm still supposed to type up my notes from winter's Seattle trip. For now: a Comic Report on Joe Sacco's The Fixer.

Apparently Joe Sacco is a cartoonist who visits war zones. He listens to soldiers' stories and turns them into comics. Except... the main story in this comic book is from a soldier who tends to exaggerate. Over the course of this comic book, you find out that at least some of his stories are lies. So then you wonder "why am I reading this?" If you want fact, you might want some stories that can pass a fact-check. If you want fiction, you can get stories that are more interesting than these.

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