: New: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, including water-related places in the SF Bay Area

I was sooooo sure that the Shinteki Aquarius Remix water-themed puzzly treasure hunt game thingy would send us to the Pulgas Water Temple. I remember a few years ago, back when I started playing these things, teams complained that games kept sending them to the Pulgas Water Temple. I was a n00b, they were complaining about games before my time. Shinteki Aquarius Remix was a "remix" of Shinteki Aquarius, a game from 2004, just before my time. Obviously this was one of the games those folks had been kvetching about. And it was a water place. Obviously, Shinteki Game Control would send us to Pulgas Water Temple. I circled it on my map, was ready to blurt out directions...

They didn't send us to Pulgas Water Temple.

I played on May 14. I site-monitored on May 28. I didn't take photos everywhere, but I took some Shinteki Aquarius Remix photos. Go see how many puzzle "celebrities" you can spot in the crowd scenes.

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