: New: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, including NYC, NYC, NYC, and NYC

Happy 4th of July! It's USA Independence Day, a good day for us Americans to set aside our customary humility and exult in what makes our country great. So it's a good day to remember that not all the interesting puzzly pervasive location-based treasure-huntish gaming happens on the west coast. I.e., I finally got around to typing up trip notes from New York City.

I went there for the DASH3 puzzlehunt, but other stuff happened there. There's an interesting geocaching movement. And I played a game in the Brooklyn Museum, getting the high score, so now if I need to trash-talk some Brookly– What? We're all Americans together today? OK, no trash talking. In case that wasn't enough, I stumbled upon another puzzle hunt, a book by a book editor/designer Margaret Maloney which looked awesome and had some fun puzzles. What is that, four game-ish activities? Yeah, New York is a good place.

Oh yeah, and I did some touristy stuff, too, and took photos. Those are in the trip report too.

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