: New: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, even Morgan Hill

Hey Seattle puzzle people: don't click the link in this blog post. I'm talking about a BANG, but some SNAPpish folks are talking about re-running this event in Seattle. Actually, you know what? Don't even read this blog post. Stop reading... NOW

On July 9th, I was a site monitor for BANG 28. I don't have a big story to tell. It's not like I prepped a bunch; I was just a last-minute volunteer.

Are the Seattle people gone yet? Have they stopped reading? OK, so if there was a story to tell, it would probably be about Darcy Krasne or about Jonathan Sergent.

I was watching over this big electronic thing. It was big and complicated, but that was OK: Corey, who designed/built the puzzle, had told me how to fix it if it broke. At one point, it stopped working: all the light went out. I tried replacing the battery pack for the light, but that didn't work. Darcy pointed out that the controller had stopped. Corey had told me how to replace the battery for the controller—but I was still thinking "light is gone, so fix power to light." So... Darcy, who was playing the game, who hadn't had Corey's briefing, figured this puzzle's workings out better than I did. Hey, give me a break, I was up after my bedtime.

Jonathan Sergent noticed that one of the batteries was bubbling and leaking acid. Fortunately, he noticed it before anything exploded. Unfortunately, there weren't any replacement batteries handy, so when I hurriedly unplugged the batteries from the device, we all just stood there in the dark. But still: much better than explosions of battery acid. The city of Morgan Hill appreciates your alertness, Jonathan Sergent, even if they don't know it.

Anyhow, the puzzle was beautiful. If you're going to stand around some puzzle for six hours, you want it to look like the thing shown in this here linked video, which SNAP people should not click through to view.

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