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I enjoyed playing the computer game Forumwarz, but I need to attach a big disclaimer to that. This is a game about terrible parts of the internet, sort of in an alternate reality in which the line between the internet and real life is blurry. You progress through the game by causing grief on forums. There are references to tubgi**, to goat**, and to other awful things. You know those things on the internet that you were happier before you knew about them? Yeah, this game refers to a bunch of those. Also, there's sexism, racism, and other unfriendliness. If you've wandered into enough corners of the internet, you can laugh at it and say "Ha ha, this satire reminds me what a flawed jewel humanity is." But if you already have enough misery in your life, you might skip this one. Anyhow, if that sounds appealing: Forumwarz.

Tags: juvenile

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