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It's a collection of papers by a few authors about tabletop games: design, history, culture, place in society, all that. I got it for free here: Tabletop: Analog Game Design.

Some of my co-workers are trying to figure out how to teach today's youth "computational thinking": maybe you don't need to be an algorithmic genius to make your way through the world, might it might be good if more kids had some idea of how to work with a computer program: the carefully-specified set of steps, the errors, ... They might like one paper in this collection, "Understanding Strategic Boardgames as Computational-Thinking Training Machines" by Matthew Berland. It won't convince of any deep connections between "Eurogames" and computational thinking, but it has some interesting musings in that area.

I got something out of "The Three-Player Problem," some ways to keep games interesting for three players. "15 Games in 15 Years" is a cool story about a game designer who makes a game for his kids each Christmas. And there's other good stuff in here. E.g., maybe I would have enjoyed the musings on randomness in games more if I hadn't already heard plenty about that before.

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