: New: Book Report: Adventures in Puzzling

The cover promises multi-puzzle extravaganzas, and it delivers. There's a fun variety of puzzles here. And they're organized into extravaganzas—into groups of puzzles, with each group leading up to a "metapuzzle". This means that if you do find yourself kinda bored with some puzzle , then you can skip it for a while, solve the meta, then try to backsolve. (Of course, the real puzzle freaks reading this report won't be bored with any of the puzzles. But I swear I'm not that much of a puzzle freak.) This Patrick Berry guy seems to be pretty darned good at putting together word puzzles, both classic types and stranger things. The good word puzzles tend to be very good. And there's other good stuff in here. I can hardly wait to rip off some of these ideas.

Tags: puzzle scene book

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