: New: Book Report: Game Wars

Battling a case of upper-respiratory-something infection, I find myself participating in a new activity: sinus irrigation. But nobody wants to read about that. You know what you want to read about, though you maybe didn't know there was such a thing?

Undercover game wardens. This book is about undercover game wardens and it is awesome. It is Miami Vice meets Earth First! meets Ducks Unlimited. Game Wardens in Louisiana are beset on all sides: poachers poach, dealers pay off local politicos. Alligators are hunted to near-extinction. Meanwhile, expanding canals through the marshes let seawater inland, killing off freshwater plants, ruining habitat... Down these mean swamps a man must go who is not himself mean, and by that I mean undercover game wardens, not all of whom are men, now that you point it out. Good ol' boys, nighttime car chases, undercover policing paranoia, an Orthodox Jewish mobster family, drug-addled Eskimo walrus hunters, former poachers turned environmentalists, this book is full of awesome. Check it out.

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