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The premise doesn't sound promising, but oh man did I like Burger Force. Hapless youth joins an elite spy network with groovy 70s design that operates out of a secret base underneath a fast food restaurant. Which doesn't sound too promising, but but but the groovy 70s design is really great. And the people-art is done by photographing actors and then using that as start for some high-contrast B&W, and some of those actors make pretty darned good facial expressions, so you find yourself liking them better than you might like typical comic book characters.

The tricky bit: the reason that you haven't heard of this comic is that it's from Australia. If you're in San Francisco, you can get these comics at Isotope. If you're not in San Francisco then you can get these comics from the web site, I guess, or you might ask your local comic shop. But it sounds like the only reason Isotope got ahold of these is that the author came to San Francisco for APE... which makes me think that a lot of other, less small-press cities might be out of luck. If you're not sure you want to shell out for shipping from Australia sight unseen, the web site has the first few issues available as previews.

In other words: I'm into this comic. You probably never heard of it; it's from Australia. And yet I claim I'm not a hipster. Oh, why are you still reading this blog post? Why haven't you clicked away to the Burger Force web site yet?

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