: New: Book Report: Rule 34

Lisa Long (aka Cassandra Cross from The Hogwarts Game) is in town, showing off some music software that she works on in the UK. She was taunting us Yanks because USA licensing rules for streaming music are so complex that her app will probably never make it here. But the book Rule 34 gets into even stranger data-piracy waters. Like what happens when we all have makerbots and someone uploads a schematic for a gun? But that's just what it's about on the surface.

A fun piece of science fiction. What if the AIs take control, but there's no singularity? That is, what if humans lean more and more on still-non-conscious AIs to organize our lives? If you ever missed an important email because your spam filter mis-filtered it, you noticed that we've ceded some control of our lives to AIs. You can't talk with them; they aren't conversationalists. They're systems. What might crime be like in such a world?

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