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Two steps forward, one slide back

I bought a couple of clip-on lights.

Also, I bought a new counterweight. To keep this whole mess from sliding forward (until all the pencils are under my elbow), I've been wearing a counterweight on the back of the sash. Up until now, this has been a combination lock I had sitting around the apartment. It was the right weight, but it was darned awkward to lean back on. And if I wore an overshirt over it, it made my back look pretty lumpy.

So I bought a diving weight. It's denser than the lock, so it's not so lumpy. And it comes in a cloth bag, so I can lean back. But it's heavier than the lock was. So it's tugging the sash the other way; instead of following gravity to a spot under my elbow, now everything's getting pulled backward over my shoulder.

I should probably let some of the lead shot out of that diving weight.

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