: New: Book Report: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1969

Half the fun of the League of Extraordinary Gentlement comics is spotting the references. Just about everyone in these comics is a character from some other work of fiction. Apparently, I don't know much fiction that's set in 1969, and I caught almost none of the references here. (In some cases, I just didn't know the fiction as well as I'm supposed to; I never got very far in the Harry Potter books, and learned who "Tom Riddle" was from this comic.) This is the middle book of a three-book series. While it does stand on its own, it's main purpose in the three-book storyline seems to be to tell us how dire the situation is. The protagonist has a bad time, and that's hard to watch since the things-get-better bit is apparently not until the next book. I'm glad I read this comic, but I bet I'll be gladder when the next Century book comes along.

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