: New: Joined goodreads

I joined goodreads, yet another site that recommends books to read based upon books that you liked. It's been around for a while, but I didn't join. Amazon.com's recommendations were fine! But then Amazon.com tweaked their recommendation UI, and I could only rate books I'd bought through Amazon.com. If there was a way to rate books that I'd checked out from the library, I couldn't find it. So I rated 1000 books on goodreads and now I have some new recommendations, yay.

I mention this because I bet some of y'all are already on bookreads and it has some "social" aspects. Though I don't pretend to understand them yet. OK, I gave up on understanding them. (Do I want to be goodreads-friends with you if we're real-life friends but have different taste in books?) And I don't remember which of y'all are on it. But if you find it useful, feel free to "friend" me at http://www.goodreads.com/lahosken.

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