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I switched groups at work. Instead of working with the internal training group on [confidential] [confidential] [confidential], I'm working on something I can actually talk about! Unfortunately for you, it's App Engine. Yeah, that platform for writing online apps like the 2-Tone Game. Remember back when there was that puzzlehunt where they used the same computer to check answers and to serve up a big audio file? And it buckled under the load? And I said "Aw gee, too bad they didn't use something like App Engine. They coulda just spun up another machine automatically to handle the load." But I didn't, y'know, press the point?

But now I'll have professional pride on the line. Oh man, I'm going to be so obnoxious. If some online hint-releasing system slows down under load, I'm going to roll my eyes like you wouldn't believe. Sarcasm? You bet. I won't rest until all the puzzlehunt answer-checking and hint-dispensing systems are running on App Engine infrastructure!!1! What's that you say? Uhm, OK, I guess the MSPH can be on Azure instead. (This is probably a good time to mention that my employer does not share my opinions and that I don't speak for my employer. If I were to try to guess at my employer's opinion, my guess would be something like "Psst. Ixnay on eingbay an erkjay.")

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