: New: Book Report: The Gollywhopper Games

It's young adult fiction answering the question: What would happen if there was a puzzle hunt in a toy warehouse that was magical like Charlie's Chocolate Factory? On the one hand I wanted to read this book because, oh hey, puzzle hunt, yay! On the other hand, I'm not really a fan of magical toy factories. I didn't like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, OK? There, I said it. I like my real stuff real; I like my magical stuff in a more magical world with dragons and stuff. So on the one hand, we have some interesting characters running around and solving puzzles. And these puzzles have great physical components that would be awesome... except if you're a boring stick-in-the-mud like me who's helped run games. Because then you cluck your tongue and say "Oh, that would break, you couldn't really make a puzzle like that." It's too bad I let my anti-magical grumpiness distract me; this book's got a lot of good stuff going on. The characters are interesting, and their interactions with each other are also interesting. The puzzles are fun. And there are some familiar moments: solving one stage of a puzzle, having some idea of what you're looking for next, stumbling around some area, looking for... something but you're not really sure where you're supposed to look or am I going to have to search this whole building or...? Good stuff.

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