: New: Book Report: The Information

Yay, no mouse sounds latetly; I guess the mouse didn't stick around. Kinda like me when I tried to read the book The Information. DNF. This book is about information theory. It talks about symbols, language, information, ... These are all subjects dear to my heart. Unfortunately, that means that I already knew a bunch of stuff that the book talks about. At least for the first few chapters, I was kind of listlessly flipping through the book thinking "Oh I already knew that" and then occasionally realizing I'd wandered halfway into a description of something I didn't already know and then grumbling as I backed up. It's tough to read a book when every instinct tells you to not pay attention to most of it, so I gave up. Someone who hasn't already read about a bunch of these topics might like this book, though. They're interesting!

Tags: book unfinished

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