: New: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, so I'm traveling to DASH again

Remember how last year I had a blast in NYC helping run DASH there? I'm doing something similar this year, but this time St Louis. Once again, I put myself into the hands of fate and said I'll volunteer someplace, who'll take me? (Actually, I ruled out places I'd traveled to in the past few years, which turned out to be a lot of DASH locations.)

I recommend it. It was an excuse to travel. I met some fun folks I otherwise wouldn't have. I learned about Manhattan's Dastardly Manhattan puzzle geocaches. (Oh, sure, now you've heard of them because the Dastardly folks got interviewed on Snoutcast. But I'm the one who told the Snoutcasters "Hey you should interview these freaks," and I wouldn't have known to recommend that if I hadn't met them. So there.) No, I bet you don't have to leave the location in the hands of fate; I bet if you want to volunteer in a particular place then you could just ask 'em. Yeah, yeah, traveling to play is fun, too. And if you really want to stick around the bay area to play, I'll still respect you. Someone's got to stick around to play this thing here. I'm just saying that I had a great time and I'm doing it again and you might like it.

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