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So as Team Mystic Fish sat down at the finale of the role-playing-intense The Game earlier today, someone seated behind us cracked a joke: "Oh, you're sitting in the front row. So you inherit our duty: If [any character attempts a twist ending here], it's up to you to jump up and stop them. Just pile on." Except... Uhm, I didn't realize it was a joke. It seemed like a fun bit of direction from Game Control.

So, uhm, there was an attempt at a twist ending, I hopped up, lumbered over and stopped it. So, uhm, I kind of messed up the game's planned ending. It wasn't until later when I was talking to Erik Stuart of Game Control that I found out for sure I wasn't following GC's plan... though I'd started to suspect it when that character actor looked so surprised...

Sorry about that.

(It got me to thinking about the finale to Jejune Institute: infiltrators who kept waiting for the signal to act. What if their instructions had been: "It's not necessarily up to you to act, but if you're in the front row then yeah, it's you." Would they have risen up?)

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