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These are novels based in the world of the Paranoia paper role-playing game. I used to play this paper RGP called Paranoia. It was pretty fun. Most RPGs put emphasis on surviving: making smart tactical decisions to overcome enemies in simulated combat. But Paranoia was all about bleak humor; the characters in the game didn't survive. Everybody died. The world was a sort of Logans-Run world run by an insane Computer who was obsessed with Commies. If you've heard some of your older nerd friends mutter about "Trust the Computer. The Computer is your Friend," now you know where that came from. Though I don't play RPGs anymore, I still remember the world of Paranoia with fondness, so I was happy to find out about these books. Bonus: they're cheap on the Kindle. You might like them even if you never heard of Paranoia, but I dunno. The world of Paranoia has a lot of backstory; the books start you out in the middle of things. Mmmaybe you can figure it out from scratch if you don't already have the background? I dunno. I had the background, so I just had fun.

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