: New: The Wooly Pig Cafe is better than Ike's

(Sorry, out of towners, this blog post is only of interest to San Franciscans.)

The best sandwich place in my neighborhood is the Wooly Pig Cafe. They put together some awesome sandwiches from ingredients I wouldn't have thought of. But man those ingredients turn out great. Since I'm a vegetarian, I like the Vegi with its beets and beans (which doesn't sound so appealing but OMG). But the place is named "Wooly Pig" and from reading a blog about Managalitsa "wooly" pigs, I suspect that their pork belly sandwich is amazing.

But. But I keep hearing about how Ike's is the best sandwich place in the city. For ages, I've thought "Oh, man, I gotta make it to Ike's to taste the best sandwiches in the city." I finally made it to Ike's. I got a pretty darned good sandwich there. But it wasn't anywhere near as good as the sandwiches at Wooly Pig. It occurs to me—who has time to try every sandwich place in the city to find the best? So I claim this: The Wooly Pig Cafe has the best sandwiches in my neighborhood. Furthermore, it's better than Ike's. I don't claim it's the best in the city. I haven't tried the best sandwich place in your neighborhood, after all.

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