: New: Tron and WarGames: really thick doors

I'm "researching" for WarTron. I.e., I'm watching movies while waiting for batteries to recharge so that I can bring lots of batteries. I re-watched WarGames and Tron. Looking for elements in common. Like, in the background of Tron at one point you hear a P.A. saying "Prepare all programs for war games." Uhm. Not that I see an obvious way to use that in a puzzlehunt. But here's something in common that could suggest an interesting location: each movie has a really thick door. In WarGames, our heroes need to run in through the humungous door that protects the NORAD under-mountain bunker from hypothetical nukes. In Tron, our heroes go through an inexplicably thick door which protects the high-power LASER equipment at this software company—oh man, trying to write out a sentence like that really makes you confront the fact: that movie was purty but doesn't make much sense.

Now that I think about it, I guess I don't expect a super-thick door to be a The Game location. Those doors are for high-security places. If I were running some high-security site and a bunch of Gamists said, "Hey, we're playing a kind of scavenger-hunt game. Is it OK if a bunch of nerds hang out in front of your high-security door for a while?" I'd say no. Anyhow.

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