: New: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, even London

DASH, the pan-USA puzzlehunt, is coming to London next year. So next year when I ask the DASH GCs "What city could use another volunteer? Tell me where I'm going on vacation this year." I might end up going London. Which would be awesome. You know when I was in the last few weeks at my old job, still waiting to hear how my interview at what-turned-out-to-be-the-new-job turned out... Well, the old job was going to send me and some other folks to Australia for a fixit. Thus, I had to get my passport renewed. But now I'm at a new job with no excuse to use my passport. The passport is just sitting there making fun of me because I never leave the country anymore. Oh man. If DASH rolls around and the folks from Grand Rapids want help, sure I'll travel to Grand Rapids. But I'll be rooting for London to ask for help first. (Maybe I should send mail to the DASH GCs at a time when Londoners are awake but Americans are snoozing? That could work.)

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