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I took photos at The WarTron Game. Other folks took photos of the WarTron Game. Please enjoy these photos of the WarTron Game. Special Bonus: also my Portland travelog of the stuff I did before WarTron started. I'm still working on the writeup of WarTron itself. Sorry, I'm a slowpoke. Writing about puzzles we solved quickly is fun! But writing about puzzles that gave us trouble is, as Prestemon puts it, "kind of unpleasant to revisit." I'm sitting here listening to this audio recording. E.g., with the benefit of hindsight, I know that we shouldn't have assumed that the [REDACTED] of [REDACTED] was [REDACTED] but I'd forgotten that we spent half a frickin hour flailing around under that false assumption. Like a mother forgetting the pain of childbirth, I think "Oh, I kind of remembered we struggled a bit at that point" but when you hear the recording and watch the time tick away minute by minute while you think Figure it out, meatheads!! Uhm, yeah, so I end up taking breaks pretty often to regain my composure, catch up on comic books, that kind of thing. Anyhow. Photos.

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