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I tried leaving a comment on GFPuzz's WarTron writeup, but then LiveJournal told me my comment had been automagically marked as Spam. (I dunno why. Maybe because I use an OpenID account on LJ?) Anyhow, here's my comment, which might count as a WARTRON SPOILER, kinda:

GFPuzz wrote:

"...our device didn't recognize the final numeric code even if we were doing the right thing"

To which I point out: GC had told us that when we got the answer, a numeric code, we should come back to their room to tell them. But, in hindsight, I don't think all the players heard that. And the players that did hear it weren't following the solving action.

E.g., me. I wasn't following the solving action. Oh man, that room had an air conditioner, but it was not equal to the task. Oh man. Anyhow.

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