: New: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, even Portland


Do you plan to play a game with Los Jefes? If so, beware of spoilers. I just posted a write-up about playing with them in the WarTron Game. After reading that write-up, you'll lose the feeling of surprise. E.g., if you're getting back into the van after solving a puzzle and Jeff Wessling gets into the back seat instead of the middle seat, you'll be thinking Wow, he's about to make the sandwiches! The magic will be lost.

Do you plan to play in the WarTron game re-running? If so, beware of WarTron spoilers in there, too. In where, you ask? In WarTron, Los Jefes, and Portland, my appropriately-named write-up about playing in WarTron in Portland with Los Jefes. I guess it would have been even more appropriately named if I'd called it "WarTron, Los Jefes, Portland, and Sandwiches," but I'm not going to change it now.

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