: New: Twitter -> RSS bookmarklet updated

I wrote a bookmarklet so that if I was visiting someone's twitter page, I could bring up the feed of their twitter stream in Google Reader. But the feed URLs moved, so I had to update my bookmarklet. (Maybe? Actually, I think I was always fetching those feeds from a "legacy" URL; probably I should always have been using the feed location that I now use in the updated bookmarklet? Maybe. Anyhow.) Also, there wasn't much point redirecting to Google reader; nowadays my browser lets me choose what to do when viewing a feed, so it was easier to tell my bookmarklet to just, y'know, view the feed. It's pretty simple now:

javascript:document.location = "https://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.rss?screen_name=" + document.location.pathname.substr(1)

Here's an attempt at a version you can drag to your bookmarks bar: followtwit. Where by "you", I mean me. I don't think anyone uses my old bookmarklet. But this is the easiest way for me to copy this link to my other browsers.

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