: New: Book Report: Claudius the God

The people of the United States of America came together to elect a man who would turn this nation into a panopticon—choosing him over another man who was all that plus bigotry. Bigotry was voted down vigorously yes vigorously by a few percentage points. It would be very discouraging if it weren't for history; our governments used to be even worse! So turn to historical novels for solace.

I, Claudius was a fun soap-opera of a book in which our hero, a potential heir to the Roman throne, lies low while various paranoid emperors murder all potential heirs to the Roman throne. In Claudius the God, we watch our hero ascend to the throne of the Roman empire. There, he learns that he can't trust anybody and that he should murder all potential heirs. Along the way, there are some fun scenes about how he decides court cases and wins a battle with camel funk.

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