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It's a book about the physical structure of the internet. So you'd expect that I couldn't put it down. But oh man. Early on in the book, there's a sentence
I share all these quotidian details of travel because on that day my senses were unusually attuned to the networks that surround me, both visible and invisible.
I was wondering why did the author share all those details? I suspect that the author added this sentence because his editor asked "Why so much detail here? What does this add?" And the author thought that he should answer the question rather than realizing that the editor was hinting that the $$*#*ing detail was detracting from the book and should go. The quotidian details aren't even about the internet, but about the weather, the... oh man, don't get me started.

Maybe the author didn't learn much about the physical structure of the internet and thought he needed to pad out the book. Maybe the author learned plenty about the internet, but didn't think people wanted to read about it. Maybe this book is mostly full of great information which I'd see if only I hadn't given up on it after a couple of chapters. I guess I'll never know.

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