: New: Book Report: Java Concurrency in Practice

I work with the Scala programming language but Scala runs on the JVM, the Java Virtual Machine. This is pretty important. Java turned out to be an icky programming language, but some smart folks have written some darned good APIs for it. Since Scala runs on the JVM, it can use those APIs. So when I want a data structure for my multi-threaded Scala-Finagle web server, I use a Scala ConcurrentMap but that's basically a wrapper around a Java ConcurrentHashMap.

Java Concurrency in Practice is a book by the Java folks who designed ConcurrentHashMap and all those other tasty Java ConcurrentThingies. I didn't finish reading it, though I liked the part that I read. You know how the scary aspect of programming Design Pattern books is when tyro programmers want to use all the design patterns they learned right away? Java Concurrency in Practice made me want to spawn threa start Executors all over the place, when... I'm not really writing that kind of code right now. At work and at home, I work on code where some geniuses have already figured out the multi-threaded web server framework, have already designed the ConcurrentThingies data structures for me to build on top of. All the changes I found myself thinking about were just complecting; I should use the code the geniuses wrote. I put the book down; I know where to find it again if I need it.

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