: New: Another San Francisco Octothorpean Puzzle Ahead of Opening Day

[Update: Don't play this puzzle; playtesting reveals that it wasn't actually fun.] I'm revealing another San Francisco puzzle from the Octothorpean Order online puzzlehunt: Bunny. No, the Octothorpean Order isn't ready for opening day yet, but I'm pointing out that puzzle anyhow. Why? Well, it's slated to be torn down in about a year. (Or maybe a year and a half? I'm not sure I'm understanding the stuff I'm reading. Anyhow.) Though I think the Order will be open by then, out-of-towners who don't get into SF often might want a chance to see this one without having to scramble.

As with the previous revealed-early SF Octothorpean puzzle, I dunno if I'd purposefully go far out of my way for this one, but if you're in the neighborhood, check it out.

Tags: octothorpean puzzle hunts urban morphology

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