: New: Want to Playtest the Octothorpean Game puzzlehunt 5/25, 5/26, 5/27 or 6/2?

Update: OK, that's enough responses to keep me busy for now. Thank you! (If you're from out of town, and June 2 was going to be a rare chance for you to do bay area stuff, then you should still talk to me. But if you're an SF local, you probably want to wait a few weeks to do anything.)

It's a great way to get your team "in shape" for Shinteki.*

Experienced teams welcome! (In the past I only wanted n00bs, and n00b teams are still welcome playtesters. But experienced teams are also OK.)

You should be in the San Francisco Bay Area and have a place in mind to play—whether that's your living room or a cafe convenient to you or what-have-you. You should be a team or an individual. I'll show up and tell you to interact with a web site containing a whole mess-o-puzzles. You and your team will use your laptops and wits to solve puzzles. Some puzzles will be pretty easy; but as you progress, you will encounter some Real Puzzles®.

Interested? Yay! Talk/email/semaphore/something me.


*This claim has not been verified.

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