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Playtesting continues apace.

A small subset of the DRT (Demonic Robot Tyrannosaurs) tore through many, many puzzles, as you might expect. Of course, it was tricky figuring out how to transform their feedback for a puzzlehunt aimed at n00bs. Like when there was a puzzle with dozens of unintentional red herrings, but with some flavor nudging in the right direction if you noticed that flavor as you waded through the herring… Yeah, the DRT's didn't object to that, though I suspect a n00b would have kicked me in the shins.

Joe Fendel's kids solved some codes. On the one hand, they're just kids so you might expect them to get stuck. On the other hand, they hang out with Joe. So there were exchanges like
"OK, so, you see what's going on here is that these are sema—"
"Oh, it's that thing with the flags!"
"Uhm, yeah. You know this?"

How many codes did I know when I was 10? Not that many, I bet.

Now I have a long list of things to fix: puzzles to edit out*, puzzles to fix. (*The good news is that there's not a gut-wrenching feeling of "mudering darlings" to remove a few un-fun puzzles when there are scores of puzzles left in.)

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