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Like @TheUriah says, "If you want to destroy part of the urban landscape, base a game on it."

Yesterday, on my way back home from the Fendels', I changed trains at the Embarcadero. I checked up on the 2-Tone Game's Embarcadero puzzle, which you recall got messed up when a post went missing. I'd reworked the last stage of that puzzle to use another feature of the Embarcadero, a certain line-of-sight between the reacted and this little reacted. And the Embarcadero's pretty big, but wouldn't you know it—as of yesterday, someone had put a little planter in place. Not a big planter, just a little one. But big enough to block that line of sight.

I don't know why the tourists thought I was standing in that spot staring slack-jawed at a planter, somehow interpreting the planter as a personal setback.

Anyhow, The Institute Movie was good for Jejune Institute nostalgia. And in the after-movie discussion, the creators mentioned that if we visit the movie's web site and look over some of the extra footage, there's a rabbit-hole for some other game.

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