: New: Book Report: The Code Busters Club

It's young adult fiction in which young adults solve a Real Crime by solving some common codes. Set in the alternate universe like this one, but if you want to get a message to nice people without that message being intercepted by mean people, you put that message in plain old Morse code. This sounds dicey, but then have you ever met a criminal at a gathering of HAM radio operators? Yeah, I didn't think so. With that in mind, I'm going to post my password here so that you folks can fix up my accounts if I'm ever incapacitated: / .... / .._ / _. / _ / . / ._. / .._ _ _ /

I guess that's what I like about the Winston Breen books: they're about puzzle hunts as such. Someone sets up a birthday hunt; a potato chip company wants to run a contest; some dude reminiscent of Sondheim runs a hunt that Sondheim could run… This world makes sense to me.

So… The Code Busters Club is fun unless you think too hard about the premise. Wow, these book reports have been short lately. And this one doesn't even describe a book about a secret book containing a more-secret message about even-more secret magic. Maybe you should go read about a Nerf gun modded to play music instead of firing darts.

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