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When I'm traveling and I want to to do some semi-random wandering, I look for geocaches, little boxes hidden around the world whose lat/longitudes are posted on a website. Except I don't really look for them: I'm no good at spotting the geocaches themselves. But I do OK at walking to their vicinity. So I follow the formula:

When my Keep Walking South system was becoming unworkable, I decided to try this system closer to home. It's inspired many walks, and overall been a good thing. I've done this enough such that I've "used up" San Francisco's geocaches. (People are planting new ones all the time of course; I don't try to visit those, since they won't be near any other new caches.) Lately, these walks have started about 12km from my apartment building.

Sometimes I balk, though. I skipped Treasure Island (incorrectly thinking it made sense to wait until the new Bay Bridge's pedestrian path connected it to Oakland) and Alcatraz. I walked around Angel Island when the system told me to…but it took me a couple of months to get around to that walk; this game tends to go on hiatus when it gets inconvenient. Still, it gets me out from behind the computer; most recently it got me to walk on the new Bay Bridge and wander a bit in West Oakland, including a free library shelf built into the side of an old warehouse.

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