: New: Over-engineered Walks: randomized deck from index cards

A few weeks back, Brian Enigma posted in response to one of these "Over-engineered walks" posts:

That sounded like a good idea. For my morning walk-commutes, I set aside my dice and instead started carrying index cards on which I'd written numbers. I have about 100 cards, but I only take ~25 with me each morning; they're easier to handle that way and that's plenty to get me where I'm going. At the end of the walk, if the cards sent me too far East, I reduce the number on the last card showing; theoretically if the cards send me too far North, I increase the number on the last card showing, but that hasn't happened yet. I guess my starting set of numbers tends to be on the high side.

I don't shuffle the deck each day; it's a hassle to shuffle a deck made of index cards, as it turns out. But I shuffle it every so often. Well, once so far.

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