: New: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, even 10.4 N 75.5 W

This morning, I had the spirit to look up. Above the usual eye-level was a crudely taped-up laminated message, triva-lly cluing a certain location. (Not my location; I was in San Francisco, USA, of course.)

A loose bit of trivia, out in the world. Maybe not a puzzlehunt… but probably some game or other. I can imagine the game. Perhaps clues send you to locations; at each location you find the paper with the trivia question; you note down the answer on your answer sheet? Maybe. It's a lot to extrapolate from one taped-up paper, but it doesn't feel like too much of a stretch. Should I have taken down the question, checked the back to see if it had the organizer's contact information? Maybe. But I didn't. Hey, give me a break, I had other things to do. I found out that construction no longer obscured the [redacted] 2-Tone puzzle near Union Square. I checked on the [redacted] Octothorpean puzzle. I captured a Munzee. Y'know. Things. Anyhow.

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