: New: OK, I've tried Ingress now

It's another location-based game; Egnor finally nudged me over into trying it. By checking in at one spot and then checking in at a nearby spot, I drew a line segment on a map between those two spots. Because other folks had drawn two other line segments, my new line segment completed a triangle. Line-drawing and triangle-completing is a satisfying mechanic. It's neat (and unusual) that the game has you think about the relationships between the locations—these spots on the map become more or less important based on their position relative to the other spots. OTOH, It's hard to get super-excited about drawing a little triangle in one neighborhood of San Francisco when I see the other team has drawn a triangle that covers most of northern Turkey. I suspect the experience is different in Turkey; the game's special spots are pretty thick on the ground in my San Francisco neighborhood; there don't seem to be so many in Istanbul. Perhaps the game puts the spots in areas where many people have smartphones? Anyhow, seems like it can be fun, especially if you ignore the high-level organization stuff.

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