: New: Book Report: Puzzle Craft

"The subtitle's a lie, of course. We can't fit descriptions of how to make every type of puzzle into one book." And yet this book does show examples of many many kinds of puzzles. Along with each example, there's a blurb or a page or perhaps more than a page about how you can make such a puzzle. Mind you, many puzzle-types aren't so easy to make. It's not like you're going to sit down, read the section about a Rose Garden, say "oh, that's how it's done?" and crank one out. But that's good to know, too—if you need to crank out an emergency replacement puzzle for that puzzlehunt that's happening tomorrow, you now know better than to attempt a Rose Garden. Though this book is about puzzles in general, there's even some stuff that's especially-useful for puzzlehunt makers. There's a section on embedding secret messages in puzzles; there's a section about puzzlehunt structures.

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