: New: Adventure Design Group: Presentation and conversation with JP LeBreton and Brandon Dillon (Double Fine)

I'm up past my bedtime, so just some scribbled notes. They're both game nerds from the computer/video game company Double Fine. They've both come up with project ideas interesting enough such that I voted for 'em. (DoubleFine does some wonderfully transparent things, including their "Amnesia Fortnight" in which any DoubleFiner can pitch a game idea; fans can vote on which of those pitches get built into whatever-can-get-done-in-two-weeks prototypes. This year, the Fortnight was recorded by documentary filmmakers.) Actually—that's kinda why I got less out this Adventure Design Group than others: I knew too much going in. But it wasn't a waste of time. Allen Cohn was there, Tyler Hinman was there. There were more game programmers and fewer experience-designers in the audience. Anyhow, what did I learn?

They're both interested in making platforms for amateurs to create games. The whole point of Hack 'n' Slash (the game) is that it's tweakable; but perhaps there should be a way for players to share their mods with the world. DOOM is an old, now open-sourced shoot-em-up game that allows you to tell any story you want, as long as it's about a space marine shooting demons. But open source makes interesting things possible: DECK, the Doom Engine Creator's Kit aims to add some new art to doom, with some less-shoot-y choices; it aims to make games that flow like Doom, but perhaps with a storyline based on something other than demon eradication.

This talk was hosted by the Communications Design Group instead of the usual Go Game HQ. I don't know what those people do, but some of it must be interesting since they had some hexaflexagons attached to a wall. (How can an org named Communications Design Group not have a findable web page in 2014? And yet it seems to be true.)

As we walked from South Park back to Market Street and civilization, Tyler assured me that Puzzle Break is fun times, worth playing. And he says there's a game setting up in Richmond. And he says Egnor says there's one in Santa Clara. Maybe it's time to add a page to the BANG wiki keeping track of them? Or I could sleep.

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