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I updated the downloadable 2-Tone Game source code. More recent versions of the App Engine SDK weren't compatible with this four-year-old (five-year-old? something like that) code. I just wanted to upload a new photo: a certain intersection downtown lost its street sign again. Alas, to update the puzzle content for 2-Tone Game, you have to send a new version of your program to App Engine: the puzzles and the program are all in the same bundle. And App Engine balked at the old, old code. So I took out the old parts, used new parts instead. The resulting program is simpler—the new stuff is cleaner than the old stuff. It's a little silly that it took me a few hours of learning new stuff just so I could, y'know, update a photo. Still, over the years I've spent less time dealing with computer-obsolescence compared to city-obsolescence. App Engine is pretty forgiving.

Anyhow, now you can download some works-in-2014 code if you want a starting point for slapping together something similar; or the original code if you, uhm, are an archivist or something.

Tags: urban morphology 2tonegame programming

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