: New: Book Report: A Creator's Guide to Transmedia Storytelling

There are plenty of storytellers out there, but they tend to specialize. Meanwhile, these transmedia projects keep popping up: some story-pieces embedded in movies, comics, ARGs, radio plays… If you're making such a story, it's not so straightforward to fit all those pieces together. Maybe you've written some screenplays; but not so much with the ARGs. How do you know which parts of your story will work best in which medium? In case that wasn't complicated enough, your audience isn't used to experiencing these transmedia thingies either. If part of your story's in a comic book and part is in profile updates on social networks, be prepared to repeat some things: plenty of folks reading the comic won't think to read the social stuff and vice versa. So what can you do? This book doesn't offer one-size-fits-all solutions; that's impossible for creative projects anyhow. It does point out some issues you might not have anticipated and shows ways to plan around them.

Tags: book writing

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